Swat Valley is known as the “mini Switzerland”. Its landscapes are a proof of natural beauty and it was one of the most visited areas and had a major tourism industry. There were events which led to the downfall of the tourism which was one of the major sources of income of the Swats economy. The conflicts between the Taliban and the Pakistani army have effected the valleys attractions. The whole conflict started in 1990s when Sufi Muhammad, a cleric figure tried to impose the sharia law on the people of swat valley. In 2007, his son in law tried to follow his foot step by imposing the religion with strength of arms. The Pakistan army took control of the situation and in 2008 the war of Swat was put to an end. Another factor that also contributed in diminishing the tourism industry include the floods in 2010 in which most of the infrastructure was destroyed including the roads and bridges leading to difficulties in traveling to Swat valley.

Day1 Drive from Islamabad to Saidu Sharif Arrive and At leisure Overnight in Swat Hotel
Day2 Breakfast at the hotel Drive to Kalam – the last prominent Swat town full of natural beauty and alpine forests Arrive and Overnight in Kalam Hotel
Day3 Breakfast at the hotel Day at leisure or an optional tour to Ushu Valley or Mahudand Lake Overnight in Kalam Hotel
Day4 After breakfast drive to Miandam Arrive and Overnight in Miandam Hotel
Day5 Breakfast at the hotel Drive to Malamjabba- the only ski resort in Swat valley Afternoon drive to Saidu Sharif Overnight in Swat Hotel
Day6 After breakfast drive back to Islamabad -